handpiece_endoB-W LoResNew Dental Laser Technology
One of the most groundbreaking advances in modern dentistry is the use of lasers. Dr. Lassin is WCLI-certified and has been using dental lasers for over ten years. This state-of-the-art technology enables fast, efficient, and precise treatment. The Biolase–Waterlase Dental Laser can be used for cavity removal (replacing the dental drill), gum disease therapy, biopsy, cold sore removal, crown lengthening, gum sculpting, and more.

Laser Cavity Detection
The DIAGNOdent laser accurately locates dental decay on the teeth. It is so effective; it even locates decay that’s forming between teeth. Using a small handheld device, Dr. Lassin scans the teeth to locate cavities and soft small spots that signal the beginning of decay. Finding decay in the early stages often results in conservative treatments that can successfully preserve a maximum amount of natural tooth structure.

Computer-Controlled “Pain-Free Anesthesia”
Lassin Dentistry has the new STA System featuring wand hand-pieces, which were developed to replace the traditional needle and syringe. This advancement in technology is finally bringing the 150-year-old needle into the 21st century. The STA system utilizes computer-controlled delivery of local anesthesia. It is more precise and more comfortable, thus enhancing the injection process for both the dentist and the patient.

Diode Dental Laser
This latest and most innovative diode dental laser is one of our clinically most versatile. It has three unique therapy modes,

Soft Tissue, Teeth Whitening and Pain Therapy (bio-stimulation).  The ultimate in patient comfort, by advances in technology with ComfortPulse TM , a proprietary innovation that delivers precisely controlled micropulses  followed by “down” time for the tissue to relax.